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Each vintage is a new adventure, each year a new challenge, but this constancy in the search for quality always remains. The owners like to produce a charming, strong and well-balanced wine, which corresponds to the style of their terroir. In addition to their Médoc Cru bourgeois, they produce a rosé wine to accompany your summer dishes, and a white wine, their dear “Dame Blanche”. Indeed, the Château is also known as Dame Blanche, as it is associated with the Princess Bianca’s legend. Nowadays, on certain mornings, you can perceive a white fog above the vineyard; it’s the Princess wishing prosperity to the Domain. Therefore, this property might have always been conjugated in the feminine…


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“From the vine pruning to bottling, we are focused on the quality of the wines”, is the motto of the women owners. From the work of the vineyard, our teams take all their care: pruning, folding, lifting, spreading, stripping to finish on a harvest plan adapted to each plot. The vinification is carried out in the most gentle way possible, in thermoregulated stainless steel tanks.