Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel

It is with pride that the entire Château du Taillan team was rewarded with its classification as Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel in February 2020.



A quality’s guarantee

The Médoc historic mention “Cru Bourgeois” was established in 1932 and questioned several times in previous rankings. The classification revealed in February 2020, led 249 properties to three different quality levels: “Cru bourgeois”, “Cru bourgeois supérieur” and “Cru bourgeois exceptionnel”. It is with pride that Château du Taillan’s team was rewarded in February 2020 “Cru bourgeois exceptionnel”.


A rigorous and objective process

“Quality, eyes closed”. This is the motto of this new classification which prizes the vintages of 8 Médoc AOCs for five years. It is a guarantee of quality, based on a rigorous and objective selection process, ensured in a blind process by an independent body. A commitment to excellence, which we make towards you, according to several criteria. First, the quality of the wines, with a blind tasting of 5 vintages. Then, constancy of the wines, a measure of their aging potential. Finally, respect for the environment, biodiversity and “Haute Valeur Environementale” certification.


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