La Rose du Taillan
Généreuse 2023

12€ per bottle. Sold per box of 6

A new white wine, festive, gourmand, this dry white is fruity, with aromas of flowers and white peaches. La Rose Généreuse is a real pleasure thanks to its roundness on the palate, enhanced by a certain freshness. Its nose is floral, with aromas of white peaches.

Food and wine pairing suggestion : linguine with pesto, seafood

12  per unit 72  the box of 6 bottles

Product Total Price: 72.00 € 1 box(es) of 6 bottles
Shipping costs to be added: 20.50 €


AOC : Bordeaux Rosé millésime 2023

Blend : 60% merlot, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon

This collection is a true olfactory, visual and emotional experience. The queen of flowers is an ambassador for women and the biodiversity of our park. Each color of rose has a meaning and a message to convey. Incensed since antiquity by the greatest poets, roses express Love. The paler the hue, the more it expresses sincerity, purity and generosity. Thus was born La Rose du Taillan Généreuse.

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Weight7,8 kg

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