Bordeaux Vignoble Engagé 2022 Trophee

At the beginning of this year, we were elected in the TOP 100 most committed vineyards of Bordeaux by Terre de Vins. Here are some of the actions that allowed us to obtain this award for the category “living together” 🏅 What actions have we taken on a daily basis to contribute to living well together?

First of all, at the Château du Taillan, living well together begins with our neighbors.

We are committed to maintaining fluid communication. We invite them once a year to explain our environmental policy. We take care to send them an e-mail the day before each use of inputs in the vineyard.

Another initiative is to make the park available to the residents of the nearby “Résidence la Boetie” retirement home, which organizes a picnic for its residents (80 residents) every summer, as was the case this past Friday, July 1, 2022:

Moreover, we have a particular relationship with the school and the day care center of the village, since we receive at each period of grape harvest, 2-3 classes of CP and CE1 and allow the organization of several games of tracks by the day care center. This is a commitment of our wine tourism manager who is very sensitive to this because she herself is a mother of young children. Of course we have social networks that share these events with our community.


Then, concerning our suppliers, we always make sure to favor French and environmentally friendly suppliers. For example, this year our technical director bought wooden poles from a French supplier, even if they are more expensive, to favor the craftsmanship of our country. We also maintain a good social dialogue with our suppliers. For example, during the Vegan certification of the rosé, to prove the origin of the yeast used, our supplier was available and agreed to sign the charter of this commitment. Finally, we have a quality charter that we make the caterers sign in the context of the reception, for the sorting of household waste.

Also, we wish to act in solidarity with the entire metropolis, and if we can, internationally. 

Recently, we received the association “Ukraine amitié Bordeaux”, which gathered on the occasion of the Orthodox Easter about fifty families with a myriad of children, from Kiev, Odessa etc.. All of them came to meet each other, to get to know each other, to exchange ideas and to take a little human warmth around the members of the Association. The children were able to run around and have fun. The parents sang, and it was a pleasure to listen to them and exchange with them!

Moreover, our internal communication is very important.

We have instituted a weekly meeting during which each person can express their problems and announcements. This has encouraged collaborative work and team cohesion. Moreover, we have been using “slack” for a few months now, a platform that facilitates internal communication and replaces the more polluting e-mails.


In addition, the manager is sensitive to the well-being of her team on a daily basis, because she believes that it is one of the keys to the success of a company. The objective is that the employee is comfortable and fulfilled in his job. The manager is also always open to training requests from employees, for example, our administrative secretary was trained last year in tasting.

We also take care of the maintenance of the park along the roads, to avoid inconveniences for the neighbors and residents, but we leave the vegetation free as much as possible.

Armelle Cruse, co-owner and manager and Tatiana Falcy, her daughter and communication’s manager.