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    Publié le 8 July 2019


    In collaboration with the association “Espace 3A” from Eysines.

    Come and discover the property, our wines and artistic works!

    The tour will start in the room “Dame Blanche” where we will tell the history of the artist, Clotaire Lehoux and the specificities of each painting.

    Then, we will tell the history of the château and the wine making process in our cellars dating back from XVIth century from the harvest to the bottling.

    The last step will be the tasting of 3 wines: white, rosé and red.

    Reservations: info@chateaudutaillan.com or

    Or with the link:



    Publié le 20 June 2019

    Château du Taillan and Wine tourism activities mentionned in the Swedish magazine Vinjournalen.se.

    Link: https://www.vinjournalen.se/vin-fakta/det-prestigefulla-vindistriktet-medoc/

    Our profile: https://www.winetourism.com/winery/chateau-du-taillan/


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    Publié le 19 June 2019

    It’s the fruit set time in Château du Taillan!

    What is “fruit set”? It’s the time when future berries appear. Berries will become bigger progressively.

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    Publié le 23 May 2019

    After the visit of our cellars and the tasting, why dont you stay a little bit longer ? Right now its possible to enjoy our beautiful park with plate of cheese & bread with a glass of wine of your choice.


    • Plate Cheese and bread: 12 € for 2 persons
    • Glass of wine of your choice (red 2013 or Dame Blanche 2015, Dame Blanche 2018 white or Rosé du Taillan 2016): 4 € per person.
    • Bottle of still water 50 cl: 2 €
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    Publié le 2 April 2019

    The vintage 2019 is waking up…

    It’s time of the bud-break, it means that vine buds start to grow and we can see young leaves.

    2019 is precocious (2 to 3 weeks in advance compared to 2018). Temperatures are above season’s average since February.



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    Publié le 27 March 2019

    A foretaste of the vintage 2019!

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    Publié le 22 March 2019

    People in the vineyard are finishing to prune.

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    Publié le 19 February 2019

    Every year, we are member of Tourist Office of Bordeaux.