• 20181123_112640
    Publié le 24 November 2018

    In few days, we will start the pruning of our vines.

    Before, workmen earth vines up.



  • 20181018_162226
    Publié le 23 October 2018

    It’s done! We finished the harvest on the last week with Cabernets.

    Grappes are in our vats and the grappe juice started the alcoholic fermentation.

    In order to extract tannins and color, we have to do pumping over several times a day.

  • 20180619_174055
    Publié le 5 July 2018

    Our Merlot vine are at the step of fruit set for few weeks.

    From this moment, berries will become bigger and in July, their skin will start to soften and take the red color. It will be the veraison.





  • débourrement Merlot
    Publié le 11 April 2018

    In the vineyard, Merlot’s buds (precocious grappe) start to grow, it’s the debudding… Cabernet is sleeping now and will start the debbuding soon. In the last months, there was a lot of rain and it permits to have water in the soil to fill the deficit from last years.

  • 20180308_123401
    Publié le 9 March 2018

    Spring atmosphere in our vineyard!

  • 20180202_105122
    Publié le 7 February 2018

    The vintage 2017 was put in oak barrels in december.

    Since the filling of the barrels, we note a natural phenomenon: the evaporation of the wine through the barrel that we call “the angel share”.

    It’s time to fill the barrel to keep the level high. We call this activity the topping up.


  • DSCN1168
    Publié le 25 January 2018

    At the property, we open the shop from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm.

    We organize also visits of our cellars on booking.

    Don’t hesitate to call us fore more information!