Tasting Visits

  • A classic visit : 

Discover the rich history of the property and the Cruse family during this tour. Starting in our unique XVIth century cellars, which along with the Chateau are classified as historical monuments of France, followed by an explanation of the wine-making process in the vat house. The visit culminates in the boutique where you will have a guided tasting of two of our wines.

Price: 10 € per person, including tax – 12 € per person, including tax from 5 pm, on Sunday and public Holiday

Hours: 12h, 14h, 16h


  •  « The Wine Step By Step »

Itinerant visit of our vaulted cellars, tasting of the white wine in the vat-room, the red wine in the barrels cellars and the rosé in the store.

Only on booking. Hour: 15h

Price: 15 € per person, including tax – 18 € from 5 pm, Sunday and public Holiday


  • Vertical Tasting :

A vertical tasting includes the tasting of many vintages of the same wine. After a classic visit, you will discover 4 of our Château du Taillan vintages. The visit finishes with a glass of our white wine. The aim of this outstanding wine tasting is for you to be able to recognise the changes of a red wine over the years. By reservation only. Starting from 8 persons

Price: 30 € per person, including tax – 35 € per person, including tax from 5 pm, on Sunday and public Holiday.

Hours on request.

  • 2 Tours in Médoc area

3 Visits in Médoc

With Château Saint-Ahon and Cooperage Nadalié, we propose a day to visit our 3 properties to discover the secrets of vineyard, wine-making and the barrel-making.

Sweetnesses in Médoc

You will discover 2 properties, Château Saint-Ahon and Château du Taillan for the wines and you will taste also chocolate from the famous house Mademoiselle de Margaux. You will have a lunch in the restaurant Côté Jardin where you will eat traditionnal food.

More information and booking on the website VINOTRIP